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      The public organization "Penitentiary Association of Ukraine" was created by the constituent assembly on December 17, 2014 and was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 25, 2015.

      The Association was created in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its members, increase their professional competence; combining their practical and scientific potential in order to ensure the respect to the human rights, legality, order and proper conditions for the enforcementand serving the sentences; protection of the legalinterests of people, society and State; promoting consolidation, understanding and cooperation of practitioners and scholars, public and religious leaders in achieving the purpose of execution ofpunishments; active support to increasing theauthority and positive image of the Criminal-Executive Service, as well as the assistance in fulfilling its tasks in Ukraine and abroad.

Пенітенціарна асоціація України


Yevgen Barash - Chairman of the Board, Head of the Institute of the Criminal-Executive Service, major-general of internal service, Doctor in Law, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine.

Sergiy Skokov - Deputy Chairman of the Board, veteran of the State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.

Valentyna Kyryliuk - Deputy Chairman of the Board, Head of the Penitentiary Department of the Institute of the Criminal-Executive Service, PhD in Law.

Mykola Krevsun - Secretary of the Board

Vladyslav Skoroplias - Executive Director of the Board

Oleg Bezorchuk

Mykola Gorobtsov

Viktoria Guzunova

Oleksiy Dvoinos - Honored Lawyer of Ukraine

Oleksandr Kislov

Oleksandr Kolb

Yevgen Khaniukov

The Audit Committee of the Association


Volodymyr Tytarenko (Chairman of the Committee)

Andriy Shevchuk

Tetiana Ponomariova

Honorary members of the Association


Viktor Syniov

Oleksandr Ptashynskyi

Membership in the Association

     The members of the Association are experts in thesphere of criminal law, criminology, psychology, pedagogy, criminal-executive law, as well aspersons related to the social and human rightsprotection at the penitentiary establishments and / or work directly at such establishments, have experience of interaction with the personnel of the criminal-executive service or are involved in thecharitable, religious, public and other non-governmental organizations’ activities for the purpose of implementation of the criminal punishments.


    Individual and honorary members of the Association may be the following persons: citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, stateless persons, who recognize and follow the Constitution of Ukraine, the current legislation of Ukraine and the Statute of the Association, if their professional activities and skills contribute to the realization of tasks in the sphere ofthe criminal-executive law, criminal law, criminology, psychology, pedagogy and social work.


    The decision on admission and withdrawal from the Association is made by the Board of the Association on the basis of a candidate’s personal application and recommendation of one member of the Association.

   The persons, who join the Association pay the entrance fee and annual membership fees, whichare determined by the Board of the Association. The annual fee is paid before the 1-st of February of the following year.

memdership card




of the emblem and flag of the Penitentiary Association of Ukraine


The emblem of the Penitentiary Association of Ukraine 

is a vertical litter bundle with a two-sided ax. In front of it there are scales with two bowls. In front of them there is a cross with the diagonal two keys with the furrows downwards deployed upwards. At the crossroads there is the open book, which is above all other symbols. All the symbols are inscribed by the rolled oval ribbon with the following text "The Penitentiary Association of Ukraine" in Ukrainian or "Penitentiary Association of Ukraine" in English.

The emblem may be reproduced in color, metal or monochrome.

The emblem may be reproduced on any attributes of the Penitentiary Association of Ukraine at the discretion of its Board.

The emblem may also be reproduced in the form of an armature (as a small emblem), that is only theheraldic figures without the ribbon with the name of the organization.


The flag of the Penitentiary Association of Ukraineis 

rectangular. Its colour is dark blue. Its sides have the ratio 2:3. The image of the emblem of the Penitentiary Association of Ukraine is in the centreof the flag. There are two crimson strips in the upper and lower parts of the flag at the distance of 1/20 of its height. The height of the emblem is 2/3 of the flag’s height. The height of crimson strips is 1/20 of the height of the flag. On the back of the flag (in its centre) there is a two-line inscription "PENITENTIARY ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINE". Two crimson stripsare located in the upper and lower parts of the flagat the distance of 1/20 of its height.

Symbolism of the emblem

The literary bond, as a traditional heraldic symbol of protection and order, represents the heraldic mention of the first emblem used by the bodies of execution of sentences of independent Ukraine.

Libra, as a heraldic symbol of justice, is traditionally used by the justice bodies, and is the indication of the penitentiary system's inclusion into the Ukrainian justice authorities.

The two crossed keys are emblematic figures, which are still used by the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and are heraldic references to the involvement of the majority of the Association’s members ino its activities.

The open book has a double heraldic symbolism: thegeneral symbol of the Law and the symbol of theinvolvement of scientists into the penitentiary activitiesof the Association.

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