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Organizations, which cooperate with the Penitentiary Association of Ukraine


The aim is to improve public security through the improvement of the custody standards and practices in Europe, reduction of the repeated offenses (recidivism) and improvement of professionalism in the penitentiary sphere.


ICPA is the innovative, educational platform, whichenhances the international and inter-agency cooperation. It actively promotes policies and standards for humane and effective penitentiarypolicies and practices, contributing to their design and implementation.

Association of the veterans of the State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine is the All-Ukrainian public organization created by the veterans and pensioners of the State Criminal-Executive Service of Ukraine in order to protect its social and other interests. The Association of the veterans is created and carries out its activities on the basis of theinterests of its members and for the purpose and goals of its Statute, principles of democracy, lawfulness, self-government and publicity.

Danish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (Denmark)

The Danish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights is a small Danish NGO, working according to the 1975 Helsinki OSCE agreement with Human Rights in the OSCE-countries, especially in Denmark and post-communist countries. The Committee was established in 1985.

The Danish Helsinki Committee is a member based organisation, with about 100 members, among them well known Danish politicians, civil servants, lawyers, juridical experts and media people. The highest authority of the Committee is the annual General Assembly, that elects a board of 7 members, including the chairperson.

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