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Frequency: 4 times/year (quarterly).


Founded: 2017.


Founders: Public organization «Penitentiary Association of Ukraine», Private institution «Scientific-Research Institute of Public Law».


Focus and Scope: Theoretical analysis of the current state of the juridical science and practice, research of the legal phenomena and scientific concepts, which influence the jurisprudence, law-enforcement and law-applicable activities. Making the scientific and applied recommendations for the State Criminal-Executive Service’s practice concerning the development of the law-enforcement (criminal-executive) activities, as well as using the research results of the adjacent sciences for the re-socialization and efficient management in the activities of the State Criminal-Executive Service’s sub-units.

Certificate of state registration of print media 

Series КВ № 22858-12758 ПР (08/28/2017).


Manuscript languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, English (mixed languages).


Thematical sections of the journal:

  • Theory and history of the state and law; the history of political and legal studies

  • Constitutional law; municipal law

  • Civil law and civil process; family law; international private law

  • Commercial law, economic-procedural law

  • Labor law; the right to social security

  • Land law; agrarian law; environmental law; natural resources law

  • Administrative law and process; finance law; information law

  • Criminal law and criminology; criminal-enforcement law

  • Criminal proceedings and criminalistics; forensic examination, operational search activities

  • Judicial system; prosecutor's office and advocacy

  • International law

  • Philosophy of law


Editor in Chief: Barash Ye., Dr. Sc. on Law, As. Prof., Honored Worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine, Head of PO «Penitentiary Association of Ukraine»

Issue type: scientific journal.


Issue status: national.


Open Access: The journal implies the policy of immediate open access to the published contents, supporting the principles of free distribution of scientific information and global knowledge exchange in order to support general social progress.


The journal editorial board has taken measures to ensure high ethical and professional standards.

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